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How to change your approach from Waterfall to Agile

July 21, 2014

Waterfalls belong in nature.  I was recently in Niagara Falls and was amazed once again by the power and beauty of the falls. But the power of waterfalls only exists in nature, not in our approach and mindset for getting things done.  More often than not, brands and agencies structure projects around a ‘waterfall’ process […]

Toushay TouchPoint™ Overview – Beacons

July 21, 2014

Download this two page PDF to learn about Beacons, the most asked about Toushay TouchPoint™. Quickly discover what Beacon technology is all about, how it can be used, and what basics are required for management.  As a key component of a System of Engagement, Beacons are poised to change the entire shopping experience for customers. Toushay_TouchPoints_Beacons

Top 5 Scalability Challenges Agencies Are Facing

January 7, 2014

Here is the scenario: At some point during the client kickoff, someone will inevitably ask, “Should be we thinking about an in-location component to this campaign? Tablets in a kiosk, digital signage, something like that? I have seen some really great stuff…

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